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Over the past 10 years, Modern day vehicles are made up of many different materials, Only identified by the use of Methods Manuel’s, Some are called boron and high tensile these must only be welded using intelligent inverter welders. Otherwise they are not welded correctly.


What is a Methods Manuel ?


It is a full and complete job description of the particular car, printed out for every repair identifying all of the different metals and materials used in modern vehicle construction, there location and repair techniques vital safety features, only available on e-scribe through Thatcham. This information is vital in performing a correct and safe repair to maintain the integrity of the steel and other bonded materials.


Senior ATA Panel Technician’s, are qualified welders to the highest standard

ie BSI ( British Standard Institute ) and Thatcham trained.


Senior ATA MET Technician, is qualified in refrigerant handling Mechanical And electrical repair


Senior ATA VDA, is a Vehicle Damage Assessor experienced in accurately assessing the repair of accident damaged vehicles to a safe and high standard.


Senior ATA paint Technician, experienced in water borne materials protecting our enviroment



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